March 14, 2014

Dear Paschal Nwokocha Law Offices,

I just want to say thank you for the way you handled my case. We go about each day doing our work not knowing how our actions affect others.

Finding you as my attorney in a far place was a miracle. Yes, miracles still happen. I want you to know that you have made a difference in my life and I am grateful for the information you have provided to help me in my case.

Being fully informed brought peace to my heart and your strong courtroom appearance gave me strength.  I pray that the almighty God will richly reward you. May you never lack in all your needs. May God send his angels along your parts to help you just as you have helped me. Remain Blessed.

Thank you.

Florence, Texas.

March 11, 2014

Dear Paschal

I have received your usual precise, clear and professional communication and its attachment. I received a copy of the same Welcome letter from USCIS directly yesterday as well.  May I place on record my admiration of, my appreciation for your very warm and professional action on my file. You went over and beyond to provide this evidently first class service, always prompt and precise with documents, drafts, advice and more significantly, your mastery of the immigration laws and its confusing administrative and investigative processes. Your timely clarifications and suffuse infectious confidence did reassure us and bring the much needed comfort as we trudged through the many challenges which dogged the paths through the USCIS maze! We are grateful we had YOU to squeeze us through!

We thank you, We thank your Team - our indefatigable Megan and all!

Thank you sir.

Yours sincerely,

Kan Og.

February 9, 2014

Dear Paschal Law Offices,

Greetings to you all!

I will never forget these words: "Your case has been approved."  I want to give many thanks for you Paschal and for your great team, for your excellent and hard work that you guys provided me since the first day that I hired you as my lawyers.  I was very surprised for the news you gave me so quickly.  The best news that I ever received in my life, to have in my hands "My own Green Card."  This has changed my life forever, my perceptions, and opened many more doors to the best opportunities for me and my family.

Thank you so much! Paschal and Obi, always I will have you in my heart and you will be in my prayers so you can continue helping more people from our community who really need lawyers like you.

I will miss being around your offices. I think you guys are my "Protector Angels" because you guys were there when I most needed you. For me you are the best lawyers in the world and I will recommend you to all without question.

God bless you always guys! and Thank you so much again!

"Dios los colme siempre de bendiciones y Gracias, Muchisimas Gracias otra vez." Also I asked Juan Cuzco, the Director of Religious Education of Holy Rosary Church to say a few words and he said: "I am very proud of you guys because that is a very big jump for the family to count on this special help and to be together, because now I see in this family a very strong sense of family."


Els A.R and Juan Cuzco


Thanks Again it was wonderful of you.

We want to thank you again for your hard work on our case. You really made a difference in our lives and marriage. Thank you so much and may God Bless you, your family and your business.

Ben S. & Amin D.


Heartfelt Gratitude

Dear Paschal Law Offices,

This comes to bring you my heartfelt gratitude concerning your effort and that of your legal office to help me get my green card. I personally appreciate your help... I am grateful, may God bless you and your staff and all you do for his people.  Be assured of my prayers for you, your family and office.  God bless you.



Thank you so much Paschal, your special ways, talent and generosity makes such a difference.

Sr. Anas. N.


Thank you again, you guys are The Best!

Dear Paschal, Obi, Marvic, Fatima, etc.

I would like to thank you for all you did for me, for my case. Thank you for your time and your patience. Today I'm still working and everyday I think about your help and how appreciative I am.

Thank you again, you guys are the best!

A million and one thanks!

Isabelle A.


I am so thankful for all you have done for our family. You are an expert at what you do and everything came to a good ending. Keep doing the job you enjoy and helping families.... Have a nice thanksgiving and more great holidays to come.

Linda & Homero.



Paschal Nwokocha Law Office is the best place to go!!! They know what they do, very responsible and know how to handle everyone's case. I would really recommend them to anyone who is seeking a lawyer. Good staff, good service... don't hesitate give them a call...

Maria D.G.


Greetings from Paris brother Paschal

I want to thank you for all your help during hard times... Thank you for your patience and greetings to your family and office.

C. K.


Dear Paschal, Obi, Marvic and Fatima,

Thank you so much for all your hard work it took to finish our cases over the years on all of our immigration issues.  Thank you for doing so much, so often and so willingly for our case, for all your efforts and thoughtfulness. It meant so much to us not only your warm-heartedness but also for the generous way you shared your time and talents with us. Thank you all so much!

Lloyd and Tiruwork.

6/1/11. Dear Paschal and Karina,

Thank you so much for the good job you did for me. I wish you God's blessings.

Sister L.

I cherish your efforts

Dear Paschal, I wanted to thank you in a special way for all your help in bringing my immigration problem to and end so far... I have also received the permanent resident card (green card) from USCIS... I wanted you to know how much I cherish your efforts for without your help my green card would not have been possible and everyone knows that... I am not someone to forget easily the hard work and urgency with which you tackled the appeal... now I have my green card, thanks to your great help.

Yours Sincerely,

Rev. Richard

I Recommend Paschal Nwokocha.
Client Review:

Paschal is an excellent lawyer. He handled my case with unrivaled expertise and professionalism. He is always attentive and keeps you updated all the time. His immigration law pedigree is top notch and success rate very impressive. I highly recommend him, he's one of the best.

I used Paschal more than 3 years ago.
Client Review:

Paschal is a fantastic attorney. He is very well recognized as the best in immigration law.

He handled my case perfectly and helped me succeed at every stage. His industry expertise is second to none. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants the best.

Paschal handled my Immigration matter.
I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.
Client Review:

Attorney Nwokocha handled my immigration petitions very professionally and is very knowledgeable in what he is doing. He wastes no time to explain every process that is involved and kept me informed about every development and never for one day kept me in suspense. If you are new to this country, he is the right guy to talk to.

Thanks you for all your good work.

Dear Paschal,

I just want to give you thanks for all that you did for me. Thank you for all your help and support you gave me, and thank you for all your work. God bless you.



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